When You Don’t Have Time for God

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At one time I enjoyed long stretches every day in the Word and prayer.  I could study for hours to my heart’s content. At one time I sat on my back porch swing and talked long about deep things with my Father.  But since I started grad school, and especially since a little girl moved into my home and into my heart, those times of solitude are hard to come by. I don’t have the luxury of camping out in the Word and prayer every evening like I once did. There is a ton of studying to do. There are nightly baths and rocking her to sleep. These are good interruptions – I would almost say, holy interruptions. But they leave little time – or energy – for much else. So I’m up before the sun every morning – even on the weekends – to try to snatch a little time with my Father before my day gets crazy again. I think, for the season I’m in, God’s okay with it. One day, I will have a diploma in hand. One day, she will be too big for baths and rocking. And God and I will get back into our groove. But for now, books and babies are my life. I am blessed.

I see you Mama with a crying baby on your hip.  I see you college student surrounded by books.  I see you single parent working two jobs.  I see you, caregiver, doing for your aging parent things they once did for you. You know that you’re “supposed” to read your Bible.  You know that you need to pray more than “Help me, Lord!” prayers. But there’s no time. And when there is time, you fall asleep.  Let me give you a word today – God knows your struggle and He’s okay with the snatches of prayer and a verse or two a day.  He is not judging you. He waits for you with patience and welcomes the moments you have. Beloved, it won’t always be this way. Seasons in life change.  Take a moment or two for your soul, and if that is hard to come by know that He quiets you with His love and sings over you as you sleep (Zephaniah 3:17). He is with you, even when you can’t be with Him.

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