About Beth

Beth picWelcome to my Blog – “Deeper Roots”.   My name is Beth Andrews (aka-Dorcas Beegle Andrews), I am a Christian, wife, mom, grandmother, Bible study teacher, Seminary student,  and  aspiring writer.  My husband and I recently returned home to Southeast Alabama and  I currently work as an Administrative Assistant at a small Christian college.

I came to Christ as a child, though as I grew up I didn’t always walk with Him.  God moved in my heart in the mid 80’s and He has become more and more real to me ever since.  I have come to love His Word and find the sweetest joy in studying, writing and teaching about the Bible.  My roots have grown stronger in His Word, thus the title of this blog – “Deeper Roots”.  Deeper roots allow a tree to grow stronger and taller, to withstand the forces of wind and storms and to provide comfort and nourishing fruit for others.  Roots that are grounded deeply in the Word of God will help me to grow strong in my faith and how I live that faith every day.  Rooted in Truth from the Scriptures, I can stand strong against the storms of life.  I am able to give comfort and produce the fruit of the Spirit as I abide in Jesus Christ and in His Words.

Please join me as we sink deeply into the Word that is Life and Light and nourishment for our souls.

7 thoughts on “About Beth

  1. Dear sis Beth,
    Thank you fo much for following my blog. It is such a honor for me. For the next I do believe that I can learn so much for you 🙂 Thank you,sis. Many love and blessings to you.


    • Karina, you, my dear sister, are a blessing to me with you beautiful words and your love for Jesus. I look forward to hearing the Lord speak to my heart through you.
      Love and blessings to you also.


  2. Hey Beth !! Love your posts !! I wanted to send you a Word doc I have written called “Are You a Christian in God’s Eyes, and “ON FIRE” for the Lord, or not ??”

    Here is a link for it… Would love your thoughts on how I could improve upon it… I am sending it out in a Word doc, for people to share with family, friends, co-workers, or anyone not now “ON FIRE” for the Lord. They can put their name and cell phone number at the end, if the reader has any questions…

    I put it in a binder with a clear cover, and tell people I give it to, to leave it out where they can see it every day… God has to draw them in, and hopefully the Holy Spirit will urge them to read it !!

    Blessings in Christ, bruce



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