Are You Happy?

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“I know the Bible says this desire is wrong, but why do I have to give it up? Doesn’t God want me to be happy?” Yes. And no.

Happy in God’s vocabulary isn’t the same as our 21st-century, “it’s all about me” understanding. In the Bible, the word “happy” is interchangeable with the word “blessed.” Happiness is a blessing from God. It is not something you can attain from circumstances, pleasures, or emotions. Or sinful desires.

In the last half-century, the church has flung the doors wide open and said, “You don’t have to give up anything – just come sing a few songs and sip some coffee and God will make you happy.” That is nothing less than an outright rejection of God and His Word. He will reject the one who rejects Him for sin. A more conservative answer is, “You don’t have to give up your sinful desire, just don’t act on it.” In other words, to be happy with God, you must be miserable. It is an attempt to live in the tension between God and your sinful desires. Two things will happen: you will withhold the most important part of yourself – your heart – from God, and you will eventually give up the pretense.

Here’s the deal, God isn’t after your cooperation, He’s after the desire of your heart. I Chronicles 28:9 says, “The Lord searches every heart and understands every desire and every thought.” He knows when your outward obedience masks a heart that still yearns for sin. Friend, the reason you and I fall back into sin over and over again is that we hold on to those fleshly, sinful, evil urges and don’t make Him the complete desire of our heart That’s what the Bible calls “cherishing sin (Psalm 66:18). It’s also called a divided heart. And you can’t survive with less than a whole heart – physically or spiritually.

Beloved, you may think the sin you desire so much will make you happy, but that’s a lie. When God is your heart’s greatest desire sin cannot compare. It just can’t measure up. When your heart delights in Him He will bless you. That’s true happiness.