Are You Getting Ready?

“Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him” (Mark 1:3).

In the first-century world, before a king came to visit one of his cities, the call would go out to level the roads on his path. John the Baptist was also calling for “straight paths” before the coming King, but it was a call to repentance and consecration. It was a call for the people to prepare their hearts for the Lord.

Christians have pleaded with God for a great move of His Spirit in the United States. We want God to “do amazing things among us.” But are we hearing the call to prepare the way for Him? Are we heeding the call for repentance? Are we carefully examining our lives for habits, desires, laziness, distractions and selfishness that serve as a quiet rebellion against God? Are we consecrating ourselves unto the Lord? Are we willing get rid of everything that that compromises our testimony and drags us into the world?
Let’s make this personal. What T.V. shows, movies, music, magazines, and websites need to go to make your heart ready for the Lord? What attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, rights, and worldly influences do I need to turn from in order to be used for the Kingdom of God?
I believe God wants to do a great work in America. But it will require people who are willing to set everything aside to join Him. That means whole-hearted devotion to the Lord and an unwillingness to compromise with the culture. In other words – holiness.
Beloved, are you willing to set yourself apart exclusively for Christ? Are you willing to be holy?

2 thoughts on “Are You Getting Ready?

  1. Awesome question Sis! God through His Holy Spirit is already working on hearts to do exactly what you just laid out. If there was ever a time for holiness and consecration in preparation for the Lord, it truly is now and NOT just in the U.S. Amen and AMEN!!

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