Real Life Needs Real Faith

For all the theology I’ve studied over the years some questions come to mind that I can’t begin to answer. Not big questions like why God allows evil.  Just ponderings in my very human mind. “What did God and Adam and Eve talk about on His evening walks with them in the Garden before the fall?” “What was Jesus like as a child, a teenager, a young adult?”  Or this morning: “Did God the Father miss His Son when He left heaven to come to earth?” They had been together from eternity past, enjoying one another’s presence with the Spirit always in perfect harmonious thought and expression. Then He was gone. Did His Father look over at His empty throne and sigh?

There is a reason for this particular question.  My son and family moved this weekend and my Joy is now four hours away. . A huge chunk of my heart drove away yesterday pulling a U-Haul trailer. We will no longer have her every weekend. We’ll be limited to video chats and once-a-month visits  For almost two years she has been under my roof, eating at my table, bathing in my tub, playing in my living room, watching videos of herself on my laptop, and sleeping in my arms. I miss her so much. I know that four hours doesn’t seem like much, especially compared to some of you who are thousands of miles from your grands. But it’s too far for this Nana’s heart.

Still, I trust God with her – maybe even more so now that she is farther away. From the day she was born, I have prayed two things: that God would be her Protector and that she would be rooted and established in love so that she would one day trust His love for salvation and eternal life.  I thought I had to be the answer to my own prayers, but now I have to trust God to do it.

And that’s the point of this devotional. It’s not a poor, poor, pitiful me post. It’s real faith for real life. All this time I’ve told you to trust God in everything – the good, the bad, and the heartbreaking. Now I have to live out my own words.

Till next month sweet girl – Nana loves you – but God loves you even more.

4 thoughts on “Real Life Needs Real Faith

  1. I know exactly how you are feeling. I feel the same way every time our twins head home to Jacksonville, but that separation makes our reunion that much sweeter. Video chats are wonderful, but they aren’t the same thing as being able to wrap your arms around your grandchildren. I pray for you every day and I will pray for little Joy as she misses her Nana and Grandfather. ❤️

  2. It is so hard to feel at peace when big changes happen in our lives. I’m going through a change in my own life and I’ve been feeling depressed and anxious. But I’m fighting through it by reading the word and praying and I know God has a good purpose. God is stretching me to grow in my trust in him, no matter how hard it is. Thank you for sharing this!

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