It has been a rainy week here in Alabama with day after day of cloudy, gray skies blocking the sun’s rays. When these days drag on and on it leaves you with a gloomy, gray feeling. But Thursday dawned bright and cloudless and the feel of the sun on my face was a welcome blessing. It reminded me of an old John Denver song: “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.”[1]

This morning I started over in the Bible, back to Genesis 1 and the creation account, and something caught my attention I’d never really thought about before. Genesis 1:3 says “Then God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light.” God separated the light from the darkness and established day and night by it. But He did not create the sun until day 4. This light appeared before the sun came to be. So where did the light come from on day 1? Scholars agree that this light came from God Himself and it emanated from His perfect being.

Sometimes our lives take a difficult turn and we need more than just the sun on our face. We need a light that won’t dim, a light that the clouds cannot hide, a light that penetrates the darkness in our spirit. We need the light of God. Beloved, if your world is dark today may I remind you that the light and love of God is only a prayer away. Call out to Him and ask Him to shine His light into your heart. You don’t belong in the darkness; God created you for the light. Let Him come and be your light today.

[1] John Denver, Sunshine¸ RCA Records, 1973


6 thoughts on “Light

  1. Sunshine on my Shoulders was a song that was played at my dads funeral (his request). I live in Tuscaloosa. Which part do you live in?

  2. Beth, after I looked you up on Facebook I realized who you are. Sometimes it just takes me a little while…..😔

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