A Gift Worth Keeping

gift-box“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:15

I remember a Christmas when my brothers and I were younger and how one gift almost got thrown away.  My Mom was notorious for her “creative” gift giving skills.  We went on scavenger hunts for our presents a few times with notes scattered around the house and yard sending us hither and yon.  A simple watch was wrapped up in a box with a cinderblock to fool the recipient.  It was all fun stuff and we loved it.  One year my oldest brother opened a gift that contained a single bar of soap.  He looked at it, shrugged his shoulders and tossed it into the pile of wrapping paper in the middle of the room.  My other brother opened a box that also held a bar of soap.  But he, being the more curious of the two, decided to dig a little deeper, reasoning that Mom had something up her sleeve.  He peeled back the wrapper on the bar and found a $100 bill wrapped around the soap.  My older brother took one look at it and made a dive into the pile of wrapping paper to retrieve his.  Mom had struck again.

God has presented us with a gift far more valuable than a $100 bill.  He has given us the gift of salvation and eternal life.  But for so many, the gift seems valueless and it is tossed away as we search for something “better.”   The world today offers so much that glitters and sparkles and promises to fill our every desire, but it always leaves us empty and wanting more.  That is because at the very core of every human being is a longing for God – for our Creator – and it can never be satisfied with anything less.  The more we chase after other things, the less satisfied we become. 

God knows that longing within us because He put it there.  He placed His own image in every human and that image yearns to be joined with God in His fullness.  But the first humans choose sin to fill that deep desire and humanity has followed suit ever since.  The desire remains, but our sense of what will fill that desire has been crudely twisted away from God.  And the hunt is on.

Jesus came to reveal the Father to us, to show us what we truly desire is Him.  And He came to be the bridge between sinful men and women and a perfect, holy God.  The gift of salvation is available to anyone who will accept it.  My friend, don’t toss away the most valuable present you’ve ever been offered.  Jesus Christ holds out His nail-scarred hand to you and bids you to receive this indescribable gift and be truly satisfied.


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