Is There a Point to All This?


“March around the city once with all the armed men. Do this for six days” (Joshua 6:3).

“Is there a point to this?” I fumed last week as I worked nonsensical logic problems.  Once again I was frustrated by course work that seemed to have no practical purpose.  I want to know the reason for whatever I’m being asked to do.  It helps me in the learning process if I can understand the “why” as much as the “how.” 

The Christian life rarely give us practical reasons for what we’re called to do.  Often we don’t even know how to accomplish that calling.  Throughout the Bible we see God calling people to do the impractical as well as the impossible.  Deliver two-million people from slavery, go through a raging sea with your captors literally on your heels, oh and I’m not telling you where you’re going; you’re just going to follow me day-by-day.  “Lord, how am I going to pull this off?”  “Just trust me and you’ll see.”  Take down a fortified city with no weapons – just walk around the city every day.  I can hear the bewildered people asking, “Lord, why such a crazy battle plan?”  “Just trust me and you’ll see.” 

How often does God ask you and me to do something that makes no sense and is completely outside of our power and ability to accomplish?  Is there a point to all this?  Why on earth would He make such a request?  How does He expect us to do the impossible?  I can almost hear His answer: “Just trust me and you’ll see.” There really is a logical and practical purpose – to give God the glory and honor He deserves.  He asks us to do the impractical and the impossible to show His power and might and sovereignty.  He asks great things of us to show that He is a great God.  Beloved, you and I have the awesome blessing of being vessels for the glory of God.  And that is the point of it all.


2 thoughts on “Is There a Point to All This?

  1. I like your frequent short messages. It used to be too long between your messages. I know it’s more work on your part to write more frequently but I do get a lot out of each one. Thanks. Jean

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