Be an Everyday Christian


“There is nothing better for a man than to enjoy his work” (Ecclesiastes 3:22).

I’ve been thinking about how to live my everyday life as a believer. It’s easy to focus on Jesus on Sunday morning, singing and hearing the Word, but come Monday I don’t have a praise team going to work with me. So what does it look like to “live as Christ” every day?
My job is in the floral department of a busy grocery story. As I clean the cases each day I try to imagine Jesus walking into my area, so I want it to look its best for Him. While I replenish the water for the plants and flowers I remember that He is “the Lily of the Valley” and “the Rose of Sharon.” When I create an arrangement I do so with the idea of presenting it to my Lord and Savior – it has to be the best! As I greet customers I remember how valuable and precious they are to God and I try to share the love of Christ with a smile and a “Good morning!” When I blow up balloons (lots of balloons!) I image the celebration that awaits me in heaven. I greet children and offer free balloons remembering that Jesus welcomed the children with joy. Plus I often get sweet hugs in return! I also help out in produce, cutting fruit for fresh fruit cups. The Lord reminds me every day that I am to present “the fruit of the Spirit” to my coworkers and customers.
I don’t know what your everyday life looks like. Maybe you are wiping little noses (and bottoms :o) all day or trying to get a room full of bored teenagers to learn algebra. You might be caring for people who are sick and hurting, working in a factory, serving food or answering phones. But I know that “whatever you do, [you can] work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord” (Col. 3:23). It starts with your mindset and shows up in your hands and face. Let’s be “everyday believers” in our everyday lives.

Holy Father, I am thankful for my job.  Some days are hard and long, but everyday is an opportunity to work for You.  I want to serve You in everything I do.  Amen.


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