The Gift of a Mother


The first loving face I see,

That voice I know so well,

That’s the heart I’ve heard beating,

For nine long months,

Repeating its song of love.

This is the sweetness of my Mother.


First kisses, sweet nuzzles,

A warm bath, soft cuddles,

Her finger tracing my face.

The sway of the rocking chair

Late in the night.

This is the tenderness of my Mother.


Storybooks and nursery rhymes,

Learning the Golden Rule.

Walking away on the first day of school,

I look back to see her smile

Through her tears.

This is the heart of my Mother.


First dates and late-night talks,

Seeing her pride as I walk

With cap and gown across the stage.

Phone calls in a panic—

She always knows the answer

This is the joy of my Mother.


Her eyes never dimmed,

But her voice has grown thin.

The wisest woman I’ve ever known

Draws quiet breaths now,

I hold her soft and wrinkled hand.

This is the gift of my Mother.


8 thoughts on “The Gift of a Mother

  1. Beth,
    This post is so Beautiful.
    I thank God for the Gift of
    a Mother.💐
    Happy Mother’s Day. 🌹🌹

  2. Beautiful!. Reminds me so much of my mother through the years. She’s been gone 11 years and I still miss her.

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