Advent 2015 – Day 7 – Hope in His Glory

Advent candle 1We rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.  Romans 5:2

We started this Advent week of hope looking at Isaiah 9:2 and the light that Christ brought to the world.  It is fitting that we end this week in Romans 5:2 – rejoicing in “the hope of the glory of God.”  The Greek word that Paul uses for glory is doxa, from which we get the word “doxology,” and it is referring to the awesome, brilliant light that radiates from God’s presence.

In the highest heavens God dwells in majesty, far beyond our most vivid imaginations.  John tried to express the excellence of God in the book of Revelations, but his human words failed.  The best he could do was to equate what he saw with the most grand and glorious sights here on earth, and even that fell woefully short.

One day, much sooner than the world realizes, Jesus Christ is returning—not as a helpless baby, but as the King of kings and Lord of lords.  He will come to claim those of us who have trusted Him as their Savior, and He will bring us to His—and our—eternal home.  In that place will be all the wonders John could not describe.  And we will see the glory of God.  Oh, how we will rejoice!

That is your hope my friend—the awesome, brilliant glory of God, there before your very eyes.  The light that illuminates all of heaven will shine on your face; the radiance of His beauty will be reflected in your eyes.  Every heartache and struggle in this life will fade away as you behold what no human eye has ever seen.  The glory of God!

Is your hope firmly fixed on Jesus?


4 thoughts on “Advent 2015 – Day 7 – Hope in His Glory

  1. Thank you for this, Beth. Such powerful encouragement especially this difficult week. Prayers for the journey ahead friend. Daily posts are hard, but these are so meaningful and I predict in time will reach many who may be struggling this time of year. Love, Bev

  2. Beth:
    Thank you taking the time each day to write a devotional thought. I’m finding them very meaningful and look forward to turning on my computer each morning and looking for your message for the day.

    Lpve, Jean

    • Thank you Jean. I’m so grateful for your encouragement, today and from that first 6-page “devotional” I wrote years ago. You’ve been a constant and faithful mentor. I love you and pray Christmas blessings to you dear friend.

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