Advent 2015 – Day 4 – A Purpose and A Hope

Advent candle 1Surely I will deliver you for a good purpose.  Jeremiah 15:11

 In my seminary studies, I took a Christian Apologetics course, not to “apologize” for being a Christian, but to know how to defend the Christian faith.  (The Greek word for defend is apologia.)  During that course, I had to interview several non-Christians.  Some of the questions I asked dealt with the origins of life, the meaning and purpose of life, and what happens at the end of life.  Their answers were all interwoven by their beliefs—or lack of beliefs.  Because they did not acknowledge a Creator they subscribed to a theory of human existence as a random “accident.”  Because life began in a randomness, they saw no purpose beyond themselves.  Because they did not see a greater purpose to human life, they saw nothing beyond this life.  To just exist without a purpose – to live just to die – is a hopeless existence.

The Christian faith tells us that we are created for a great and eternal purpose:  to know God and love Him forever.  That is a purpose and a hope. That is why you woke up this morning—to have another day to know and love your Creator just a little more than you did yesterday.  And that is why this Baby came from the highest heaven to earth, that you might be restored to this grand and wonderful purpose.  Jesus came to give you and me life with purpose—today and tomorrow and forever.  Find God’s purpose for you—find your Christmas hope.


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