Advent 2015 – Do You Believe?

Advent candle 1But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.  Micah 7:7

Little children become lookouts on Christmas Eve. Their ears strain for the slightest whisper of sleigh bells and they stand attentive at the window, watching and waiting for Santa Clause.  They have written their letters and made their pleas for toys and dolls and bikes. Now they watch with confident hope and expectation that Santa will come.  Sure they heard the big kids laughing and saying that there is no Santa, but for them, the magic is real and they still believe.  But we are grown-ups and we know that Santa is just a myth.  We know who actually bought the dolls and the Legos and who will have to put the bike together tonight.

We live in a world that tries to tell us that God is not real, that he is a myth, a fool’s wishful thinking, an imaginary friend.  They have lost their ability to believe in the Almighty God who created the heavens and the earth and you and me.  They tell us we are praying to the winds, there is no one there to hear us.  But as for me . . . I will continue to believe.  I will watch in hope for the Lord to fulfill His promises.  I will wait for my Savior because I know with all my heart that He is coming again.  And I will continue to bow my head in prayer because my God hears me.

Friend, won’t you come and stand watch with me at the window—I believe I hear the sounds of angels in the distance.


7 thoughts on “Advent 2015 – Do You Believe?

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  2. What a beautiful post! I love the way you wrote this. I, too am eagerly waiting and watching for His return!

    You talk about myths—odd enough, that’s why we told our kids from the get-go that Santa is pretend: we didn’t want them to think God was a myth too. We wanted to make a distinction between make believe and reality and we wanted them to know that we were truthful with them. My parents encouraged belief in Santa Clause and I never felt duped, but we live in a world where the two ARE compared as myths. Developing their faith in God is far more important than playing make-believe as a child.

    (By the way, I don’t take issue with people who do Santa with their kids—I loved that my parents encouraged us to enjoy it and have many fond memories of “reindeer” on the roof and imagining Santa coming through the heater vent… I was just concerned about the current societal trends and their impact on my children, and so we made the decision to avoid it).

    • Thank you for your comment and welcome to Deeper Roots! I agree with you that telling our children the truth is vital, especially in this culture of untruth. I applaud your commitment to truthfulness with your kids. I too grew up with Santa, and we let our son have Santa for a little while, but we told him that Santa was so moved by love for Jesus that he gave gifts to honor Him. Jesus’ birth was always the focus of our family Christmas and so when he discovered the truth about Santa it was not a big deal to him. I think it was easier for you and I to believe in Santa and in Jesus when we were children because it was a different culture and truth was revered and fantasy merely added a little fun along the way.
      Have a blessed Christmas Elihu.

  3. I’m slowly catching up. I was always a believer in Santa, I was afraid if I didn’t I would get no gifts. My Mother always told us she bought the gifts ‘for Santa’ to put under the tree. As I became a Christian, I felt the need to be honest, but tell my children why we give gifts…God’s greatest gift, gifts of the Magi, and the true St. Nicholas, Bishop of Palmyra. I love Christmas time and what it does to the hearts of all who celebrate.

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