Where Faith and Life Collide, part 2

at_the_crossroad_by_hermanne_allan_poe“So Abraham called that place, ‘The Lord Will Provide.’” Genesis 22:14

In my last post, “Where Faith and Life Collide,” I told you of my family’s upcoming move and how I was certain God was working in this change for His good purposes. I also told you that I was living in that place where my faith in God was being tested, because we needed to go to our new town to look for a place to live, with essentially no money to make it happen. Would I trust God? Would God come through for me? I promised you the rest of the story, but first I want to give you a glimpse into a wonderful facet of God’s character which is revealed in the Hebrew name: Jehovah Jirah – the Lord my Provider.

When we think of the provision of God, we think of God materializing the things we need, putting the rent money in the mail, or the food on the table, and that is very often exactly what He does. He has done so many times for me. But the name Jireh comes from the Hebrew word ra a, which has an even deeper meaning.  This is the name that an Egyptian slave-girl on the run from her cruel mistress gave to God when He found her in the desert.   She was pregnant with the child of her mistress’ husband. You may recognize her as Hagar, the slave of Sarah, and mother to Abraham’s son, Ishmael. God met her in the desert to tell her that He saw her miserable situation, and she was not alone. She gave the Lord the name Jehovah Raah – the One who sees me. The word ra a means “to see, look, realize, know” and from it we gain, not just an understanding of God who gives us what we need, but of God who provides for us because He sees us, He knows us and He give to us from the heart of a Heavenly Father who keeps a tender eye on His children. His provision is tailored to our specific need in our specific situation, and it is always good.

And this is the God who went with us to our new town. Our plans had been to leave early in the week and start our search, but our schedule had to be pushed back by a few days because my husband had injured his leg and needed a few days of rest, ice and elevation. In those days of delay, God provided the funds we needed to secure a place to live. We arrived in our new town and spent several hours the first day tracking down places we had found earlier on the internet. The more we searched, the more we realized this was not going to be an easy task. Why we thought it would be, I have no idea. The next morning we set out again, this time meeting up with my husband’s new co-worker and having him drive us around for several hours looking through neighborhoods and wondering if we would ever find anything. We did not see a single place to rent. We looked at apartments and nothing seemed right. We continued our search after parting company with our guide, and returned to our hotel exhausted and very discouraged.

As I sat at my laptop that evening, I remembered a friend recommending a website, so I checked it out and saw an ad for a place that sounded like what we were looking for. At 10 p.m. I shot off an email and crawled into bed with a whiney prayer for God to please help us. The next morning as we continued to ride around the town and scour newspapers and neighborhoods, a reply to my email came through. We immediately drove to the location and within minutes found the place that we both knew was our new home. Within the next couple of hours everything came together and our hearts sang songs of gratitude to Jehovah Jirah for providing as only He could do.

I discovered later that the ad I saw had only been placed an hour before and the place would not have been available had we come earlier in the week as we had originally planned. The ad was placed the day after we had planned to come back home. God has planned and orchestrated this entire move. He has prompted us at just the right moments, led us to the right places, and even slowed us down to make all things come together according to his timing.

There is a little piece of marble that sits on my laptop, just below these words as I type them that says “. . . relax . . . God is in control”. I know those words are true. I know because the Bible tells me they are true, and I know because my life bears out the truth of those words. God has moved in ways that only He can to guide me, provide for me, protect me, chasten me, lift me up, and set my feet on the right path. He controls my life and every circumstance.

I don’t know what you need today, but I know God is the answer. Maybe it seems small and insignificant to others – know that God sees it. It may be so huge it overwhelms you – trust that God has His eye on you and on your situation. He only asks you to believe that His love for you is as big as His ability to care and provide for you. Nothing is outside of His watchful gaze. Nothing is out of His control. No problem or need is too big for the God of the Universe. And you are not too small for Him to notice. He is Jehovah Raah – the God who sees you. He is Jehovah Jirah – the God who will meet your needs. He is in control.

Holy Father, thank you with all my heart for providing for our needs and guiding us to our new home. You are indeed the God who sees me and cares for me. You are in control of every aspect of my life. I trust you Lord. I know I am in the strongest, most capable and loving hands. Amen.

3 thoughts on “Where Faith and Life Collide, part 2

  1. I recently experienced ” God’s timing.” I was in the hospital for the second time for severe gastric bleeding requiring blood transfusions. The GI doctor could not find the cause for the bleeding when he did an endoscopic exam during the first hospitalization. He told me he suspected I had a rare problem called a Diuelafoy Lesion but it was hard to find and might require six or seven endoscopic exams. A Diuelafoy Lesion is an artery behind the lining of the stomach that fills with blood, protrudes through the lining, ruptures causing profuse bleeding and then again hides behind the stomach lining. On the second hospitalization, he was going to examine my stomach at 6:30 AM but was held up at TMH and didn’t get to Capital Regional until after 10:30 AM. The artery was “out” when he did the endoscopic exam at 10:30 AM. He and I both felt it was “God’s timing” that made him so late getting to Capital Regional to do the endoscopic exam. At 6:30 AM it would not have been “out” and he would have missed it again. He said it would have ruptured again later in the morning. He cauterized the area and I have had no more problems. He told me, “God still performs miracles.” He gives God all the credit for his being able to find
    the artery in “God’s timing.”

    • Jean I love this – what an awesome testimony. I am constantly amazed by how God works these things for our blessings and benefit. I am thankful that He ordered yours and the Doctor’s timing and you are well again. He is such a mighty, perfect God!

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