Olive Tree


Lord make me to be

like an olive tree

flourishing in the house of God,[1]

a thriving olive tree

with fruit beautiful in form.[2]

which yields its fruit in season,

and whose leaf does not wither.[3]

An olive tree whose leaf

brought hope to Noah,[4]

and whose oil became

sacrifice and offering.[5]

Lord, use the oil of my fruit to

keep the light of your presence

burning continually bright.[6]

Use the wood of my very body

to adorn Your Holy Temple,

the place where Your Presence dwells.[7]

Use my oil to bring healing

to broken bodies

and broken hearts

and broken nations.

And there, on the mountain

where my Lord prayed,[8]

press me, break me

that I may bring forth

the holy anointing oil,

precious oil poured on the head

of our Great High Priest,

running down on His beard,

down the collar of His robes;[9]

and anointing the King of kings.[10]


[1] Psalm 52:8

[2] Jeremiah 11:16

[3] Psalm 1:3

[4] Genesis 8:11

[5] Exodus 29:40

[6] Leviticus 24:2

[7] 1 Kings 6

[8] Luke 22:39-46

[9] Psalm 133:2

[10] 1 Samuel 1:10


4 thoughts on “Olive Tree

  1. Lord, I am yours, prune me. My branches are wild and unruly, so full of runners and suckers that sap my strength. Annoint me with your oil of gladness. My joy is in You, and only You.

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