Of Love and Praise

“I love You, O Lord, my strength.” Psalm 18:1

What words do you most enjoy hearing? If you are like me, “I love you.” is at the top of the list. Those three little words are comforting and powerful. They can soothe a crying child, bring light to a young lady’s eyes, and tears to the face of the strongest man.

God also enjoys hearing us express our love to Him. In Psalm 18, David is rejoicing at the defeat of Israel’s enemy, Goliath, and He knows the source of his victory is the Lord.
He offers Him a prayer of praise, and begins with the most important words we can say to God, “I love You, O Lord.” In the Bible, almost all prayers recorded begin with praise. And rightly so, for no one is more worthy of our praise than God. Expressing our love for God is the highest form of praise.

In our busy, fast-paced society, we are continually urged to “get to the point” and not waste time on pleasantries. But prayer is a different kind of communication and praise is an important part of the conversation. Praise should never be thought of as “buttering God up” so He will answer our requests; but should always come from a genuine heart of awe and appreciation for who God is.

David had the right perspective and offered God the adoration of his love. Have you told God you love Him today?

I love You, Lord. You are worthy of all my love and praise. Please help me to tell You every day how much You mean to me. Amen.


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