Praise the Lord!

From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.            Psalm 8:2

Is there anything more precious than the “Cherub Choir” – those little preschoolers singing “Jesus Loves Me,” and “This Little Light of Mine” (won’t let Satan blow it out-whoosh!)?  Precious to you and me, but a sight and sound that makes Satan tremble. That’s why I love this verse, because it is a sweet image with a powerful truth.

Praise silences the enemy!

Praise that rings out from a thousand-voice choir.

Praise that tumbles from the lips of little earth-bound angels.

Praise that is whispered through the tears of a solitary saint.

The enemy cannot stand to hear praises given to God.

There are at least two important points to see in this verse.

First, the word “praise” is interchangeable with the word “strength” The New Living Translation reads: “You have taught children and infants to tell of your strength.”  Tell who?  Tell the devil! (My Daddy is stronger then you!)  Remind him that God has already pronounced his end, and Jesus Christ will bring that end to reality.  Tell yourself.  Sometimes we need the reminder.  Your God is strong, powerful and mighty. “The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save.” (Zephaniah 3:17a) He is strong enough to save you, and to keep you.  You will draw strength when you offer praises to God.

Second, is the very pointed reference to “silence the enemy.”  What is the enemy’s most powerful weapon against us? Verbal abuse. He throws a constant barrage of words, thoughts, doubts, fear, condemnation, lies, lies and more lies. Since he first trapped Eve in the Garden, Satan has been speaking lies into the minds of mankind for ages.  He started with words that cast doubt: “Did God really say…?” (Genesis 3:1), and it has been his favorite dart ever since. This verse gives us the secret to disarming the devil: Praise silences the enemy!  The word “silence” means, “to come to an end, disappear; to put to a stop.”  Praise brings his words to an end. Praise makes him disappear. Praise puts his criticism to a stop.  That’s power!  That’s strength!   It seems too easy to be real, but it works.  Just open your mouth and pour forth praise.  Search the scriptures, especially the Psalms where expressions of praise abound.  Write them out so they will be handy.  Better yet, commit them to memory. Let your praises drown out the lies of Satan.

I know this works; I’ve experienced it in my own life.   When the enemy of my soul is berating me, pouring condemnation and doubt into my mind, I resist him with songs or Psalms of praise.  I pick up a pen and write praises to my strong God.

I stand on the Name and the Praise of God Almighty. And the enemy flees – in silence.

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