“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him;”            Psalm 37:7

“Wait a little longer,”                              Revelation 6:11

How good are you at waiting? I think in our “hurry up” society, waiting is a lost art.  We have instant conversation, instant information, and an instant meal, all at our fingertips.  Have you ever found yourself wishing the microwave would hurry up?

Waiting was a constant for the people of the Bible.

Genesis 7-8 tells us Noah, his family and all those smelly animals spent a little over a year shut up in the ark, from the first raindrop until God allowed them to come out.  According to Genesis 12:4 and 17:1; Abraham, the Father of the Hebrew faith, waited 25 years for the fulfillment of God’s promise, the birth of his son, Isaac.  Joseph waited 13 years – through mistreatment, false accusation, imprisonment and estrangement from his family until the fulfillment of God’s purpose. (Genesis 37 – 50)

What was the key to their ability to wait?  In a word – FAITH.

They had faith in God. Notice I didn’t say they had faith that God would work everything out in their favor.  They had faith in God, in His character, in who He is, not just in what He could do.  They had faith that whatever God did, in whatever way He did it, and however long it took, it would be the right thing.  In forty plus years of following Him, God has never done anything the way I expected.  But what He did was always right and good.  Because He is always right and good, and His purpose is always right and good.

Waiting on the Lord, according to Charles Stanley, “is not hopeless resignation, but firm faith in His good purpose.”

The question we need to ask ourselves is “What are we waiting for?”

Are we waiting for the answer we want, the spouse to come to church, the kid to straighten up, the funds to turn around, the tests to come back clear? Or are we waiting with our eyes fixed on God, trusting that He, in His goodness, faithfulness and love, will do what will ultimately be for our best; whatever, however, and whenever that may be?

The secret to patiently waiting is trusting, and the secret to trusting comes in knowing the One you trust.

Holy Father, I want to know You by heart so I will trust you by faith.  Amen.

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